gijs leijdekkers

multidisciplinary creator
of films and spaces


I use film, image, design and music to create atmospheric films and spaces.


recent work

2013, For 'Into the Great Wide Open', a small (7.000 visitors) but very popular festival on an island in the Netherlands, Gregor van Egdom and I built "Nachtgloed" - an innovative projection installation. We used animated projections to turn a forest into a huge 3D-display. Combining this with calming soundscapes, we immersed the audience into surreal atmospheres.



2013, Sander van Hooijdonk, Fedde van Erk and I designed this float for 'Bloemencorso Zundert'. We used theatrical devices like music, sound and the illusion of moving light to recreate the childhood memories of having a monster below your bed. 'Bloemencorso' is world's largest, most ambitious flower parade - as visible in this article. A team of 100+ volunteers executed the design in a towering size of 19 x 4,5 x 9 metres and dressed the float with with thousands of dahlia-flowers. This making-of gives a nice insight in all the hard work behind it.



The showreel above showcases my work as filmmaker. Find more details about the featured clips below. All written, directed, shot (except Honesty Lasts Longer) and post-production by me.



2012, 7 min. A girl gets a long distance call from her dad. The film is not yet available online, but you can see clips of it in my showreel.


Blok - Function Follows Form

2010, 10 min. A man looking for the source of a heavenly voice in an uncanny world. The film is not yet available online, but you can see clips of it in my showreel. 'Blok' is the result of my Master of Arts final project, in which I explored how I might initiate a narrative film from images rather than story. Find out more about this 'Function Follows Form'-methodology on this dedicated project page.


Honesty Lasts Longer
2010, 3 min. Music video for indie rock/britpop band The Quaint.


2011, 3 min. A girl arrives in a paradise-like world but won't enjoy it for long. Shot and produced in 20 hours as an experiment for my final project (see 'Blok').


to film-archive

Film archive
2006 - 2011. You can see some of my early film on this seperate page.



I have been playing piano since childhood, and quickly developed an interest in composing and improvisation. Here you can hear some samples of my music.





computer graphics




Personal Paradise
2008, design for an environment where I can practice my creativity

Childrenbooksmuseum by Platvorm
2009 - 2010, I was involved in the designprocess as spatial designer and 2d-3d workflow specialist (involving writing a proprietary plug-in for this project)

The Life of Wang
2010, an exhibition-pavilion that uses poetic architecture to tell the story of a young challenged Chineese man

Intervention to stimulate social behavior
2010, a performance during the final presentation of an MA-project, that shows an intervention that fights anti-social behavior in gentrified London coffeeshops


inspired by



Gijs Gijs Leijdekkers (b. 1988)


I, Gijs (pronounced as “Gais”) spent my early days in the Dutch countryside building haunted houses, waterslides and a rollercoaster. When in my teenage years my dreams outgrew the backyard's size, I started experimenting with animation, computer graphics, visual effects, film and music.

During my bachelor's course in Industrial Product Design (Den Haag) and work experience in product, interior and exhibition-design I mastered client based creative-technical problem solving. I then moved to London to spend two years at renowned art-school Central Saint Martins. During my Master of Arts in “Narrative Environments” I experimented with combining my passion for film, image, design and music, and spent many days browsing through the Stanley Kubrick archives.

With my films, I love to use image, sound and music to immerse the audience in an atmosphere. The industrial designer in me is visible in the creative process, in which I use advanced storyboarding techniques (rough animation to a rough soundtrack) to carefully plan out the film.

I am also passionate about using technical ingenuity, architecture and sound to create experiences in physical installations. I am an avid painter and photographer and I am currently working on an instrumental solo-album.


My background in industrial design trained me to consider all aspects of a project in all stages. I am well organized, technically skilled and feasibility and clarity in communication play an important role in my projects. Thanks to my broad skill-set and creativity I am especially valuable in the conceptual stage of a creation process. I am curious, open-minded, passionate, critical, user-focussed and love to collaborate. I am very comfortable in multidisciplinary projects.


I focus on...
• creating atmospheric, poetic, melancholic, slightly surreal films
• designing experiential spaces (installations, exhibitions, pavilions etc.)

I love...
• self expression (in my personal projects)
• creative problem solving to achieve perfection (in projects for clients)

My lifestyle captured in words...
• Quiet Is The New Loud
• More Souls Is More Fun





I am looking forward to get involved in challenging projects as filmmaker, experience designer or imagemaker (photography, computer graphics, illustration, concept art).

I am currently based in The Netherlands.



received support from

Cultuurfonds - BKVB